Abhishek Chakraborty

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Abhi Chakraborty

For the past four years, Abhishek along with his mentor, Dr. Ashim Bagchi of the St. Boniface Research Centre (Winnipeg) has pursued extensive experimental research about Folic Acid -a supplement which is fortified into many daily foods in several countries including Canada. Abhishek’s findings demonstrated the many negative impacts that over-dosage of the supplement folic acid is capable of. In his research, Abhishek also developed procedures by which such negative impacts could be mitigated. His research has contributed to resolving the long and extensive debate about the good versus bad impacts the supplement folic acid has on the health of individuals.

Abhishek is a two-time gold medalist (2011/2014) as well as a two-time silver medalist (2012/2013) of the national Canada-Wide Science Fair. He has also won first place at the 2012 Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Manitoba, the Health Challenge Award at Canada-Wide Science Fair 2011, platinum at the 2011 Youth Encouraging Sustainability Showcase, and the Best Overall Project award at the 2012 Manitoba Schools Science Symposium. He has published his research in the Canadian Young Scientist Journal and his research has also garnered attention from several media outlets including the Montreal Gazette and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Abhishek who is a grade 11 student at Royal West Academy, Montreal, aims to apply his research and developments into improving modern systems of pharmaceuticals and medicine. He is currently researching in the field of Alzheimer’s disease detection and treatment along with research mentors at McGill University.

Apart from his interest in sciences, Abhishek is also a keen debater. He was a national finalist at the 2013 Donahoe Cup debating tournament held in Halifax. He is also avidly interested in classical music and has been learning Tabla (Indian classical instrument) for over seven years. He is part of his high school Robotics and Badminton teams and his hobbies include learning to code and volunteering at organizations focused on the disabled and elderly populations.

Upon graduating from high school, Abhishek plans to travel to Mumbai, India in order to perform a large scale first-hand independent study on the efficiency/structure of the medical system in the largest slum in the world, Dharavi Slum, which has a population of six million.

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