Jayson Mtanos


Jayson Mtanos

Jayson Mtanos is a 16 year old from St-Maxime Laval High School in Montreal. Jayson loves anything to do with technology, electronics, and science as all of them prey upon his curiosity. Jayson said “Last year, my curiosity led me to make a project for the Science Fair, an electric motor. It was an unforgettable experience! In short, I am passionate about science, life fascinates me, and the world fascinates me! I read and I read a lot! I have lots of questions about what I read, what I see and what I hear. From time to time, I would write about questions I ask myself that pertain to the subjects that interest me.”

Since Jayson was a little boy, he enjoyed his science classes. Last year, he made a new type of motor/generator. “I enjoyed my experience at the CWSF, it’s an experience that I suggest to everyone. You meet many people that share your science passion. Yes sure, you win many prizes and medals but the point that I enjoyed the most is that you learn from passionate teenagers like you. The way that they explain and teach is unique in a sense that youth can understand complex theories and principles easily.” Jayson was very successful at the 2014 Canada-Wide Science Fair in Windsor, Ontario and won the Challenge Award for Energy, Silver Medal of Excellence Award and an Entrance Scholarship to Western University!

The engine that Jayson had designed for the CWSF had a high efficiency around 80% that could convert thermal losses to electrical energy. Jayson said “I specially enjoy electrical engineering and I am very passionate about learning more about the energy losses, and specifically, I like to solve all kind of energy problems that we face around the world.“

Check out some more information about Jayson’s award winning engine:


At school Jayson enjoys math and science, “I found them inter-related and I think that our human life is basically based on some questions and subjects that could be answered by these two types of information’s.”

Jayson likes to ask himself many questions that he feels are essential to our life. When there is no Science-Fair, he enjoys working on other projects that conduct research to better our lives.


Link to Jason’s Canada-Wide Science Fair Project:



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