Cengiz Eller

CWSF Cengiz EllerCengiz Eller, was born in Toronto Ontario and is currently living in Owen Sound Ontario. From an early age Cengiz demonstrated a passion for STEM fields. After entering high school he started to apply his interests through Science Fairs. Cengiz’s first Science Fair project that allowed him to advance to CWSF, was a mathematical algorithm which showed trigonometric ratios can be calculated, by simply using mental math.


The following year Cengiz combined what he had learned in applied mathematics with his passions for business, finance and financial engineering. He developed a model to forecast stock prices for Canadian banks. This model, when applied with a transaction algorithm proved to increase an investors gains significantly over the long term. This project won multiple awards at the Bluewater Regional Science fair as well as allowing Cengiz to advance to CWSF for a second time.


This year, as a major continuation to the previous year’s project, a computer program (coded in c) was created by Cengiz, which automatically follows the markets as well as a variety of economic factors. The program then advises users by email each day on how to conduct financial transactions. The program is also based on a new mathematical model which is 10 times more precise than the previous year’s because it takes into account a large variety of economic factors. The model is also vastly superior because it proves to be affective for the majority of blue chip companies. Also because it is computerized, a new, better optimization process allows for a different priority to be assigned to each factor depending on which company’s price being projected. Finally, the program proves to considerably increase an investors gains while simultaneously minimizing the risks of day trading. This project once again enabled Cengiz to advance to the CWSF where he hopes to present his program as a new player in the algorithmic trading sector.


Cengiz hopes to study engineering then further his studies with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) which will allow him to follow his passions in both STEM and the business world.

Cengiz accomplishments at CWSF:

CWSF 2013


CWSF 2014


CWSF 2015


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