Marianne Drolet-Sénéchal


Marianne Drolet-Sénéchal is from Sherbrooke, Quebec. She became interested in science when she was little by listening to scientific documentaries and visiting science museums. Her passion for science grew, and now she collaborates with research laboratories in her hometown.

Her first science fair project was in 2013. She researched on the evolution of languages and how children learn to speak. This project qualified her for both the Quebec provincial science fair and the CWSF 2013 in Lethbridge. The next year, she researched on how inorganic compounds can form life-like primitive cells and produce energy by themselves.

In 2015, she decided to work with a medical lab in Sherbrooke working on the Fragile X Syndrome (Lab director is Dr. Corbin). This sparked so much interest in her that she decided to make it her science fair project. She and a medical student worked on the possibility of studying the Fragile X Syndrome in blood platelets, which was an innovative way to study it. The research was successful and again qualified her for the Quebec provincial science fair and the CWSF 2015 in Fredericton.

She is convinced that being interested in science, loving your project and working hard is the key to a successful research!

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