Kenz Zaghib



Kenz is a Grade 11 student attending Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert in St-Lambert, on Montreal’s south shore. Actively involved, he is a member of his school’s student council and a student pair in mathematics and in science. He has also served as his school’s math club president. Kenz has developed a strong passion for physical sciences and mathematics since he was young and found in the science fair a way to learn and experiment them.

Kenz has participated two times at the science fair. Last year, he had the opportunity to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) in Fredericton, NB after being selected at the Quebec’s provincial science fair. His project was entitled ‘‘Transformation extrême’’ (Extreme Transformation), in which he investigated the properties of several superconducting systems. In physics, superconductivity is described as a low temperature state where a material does not oppose any resistance to the electrical current. Specifically, the experiment had involved computational simulations in chemistry and physics in order to find those properties on the energetic and the electronical viewpoints. Furthermore, he studied the effects of the substitution of metals. It may have interesting applications in the development of next generation materials as well as it may represent, in inorganic chemistry, meaningful insights for the discovery of new compounds.

Besides school, Kenz enjoys practising swimming, biking and reading about new developments in STEM.

As for his future studies, he would like to study in either medical, engineering or physical sciences, to ultimately become a scientist.

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