Jennifer McTaggart


Jennifer McTaggart is a Grade 11 student from Lisgar Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, Ontario.  Since the age of 10, Jennifer has been interested in all science related aspects, especially in sustainable environment and society well-being.  Scientists such as Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall and James Watson, are just a few of the many people who have fascinated, and further inspired Jennifer to work to create a better world through scientific discoveries and inventions.

Throughout the past 5 years, Jennifer has attended both the Ottawa Regional Science Fair, as well as the Canada-Wide Science Fair numerous times.  In 2014, Jennifer placed third with her partner Autumn Wild at the Canada Wide Science Fair for their project ‘Clean and Green Polystyrene’, a cost effective, eco-friendly replacement to everyday Styrofoam. In 2015, Jennifer placed first in the Senior Category at ORSF for her project ‘Solar Water Purifier with a Novel Capillary Feeder and Heat Recuperator.’  This project aims at the production of clean drinking water from dirty, contaminated water, and even salt water.  The prototype built utilized only solar energy, making it suitable for developing countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.  Her determination to create products for those less fortunate was inspired by Craig Kielburger, an extraordinary man who co-founded Free the Children, an organization to empower youth, at the age of only 12 years.

Other than science, Jennifer spends her time pursuing a wide array of extracurricular activities.  Since a very young age, Jennifer has spent a few hours each week drawing and painting at a local art class.  She has competed in Young at Art three times, and won various awards, including Best Junior Drawing, as well as Best Mixed Media.  In addition, she plays badminton weekly and has competed in many badminton tournaments, placing 3rd in mixed doubles at the NCSSAA East Conference.  Jennifer also has a natural talent for music, as she plays piano, flute, viola and piccolo.  Since the age of 4, she has had a passion for piano, and is currently finishing her last exam in the RCM program.  Driven by this passion, Jennifer has begun teaching young kids how to play the piano at her own home.  Furthermore, Jennifer is a born leader, and organizes various events for fundraising and other causes.

As for her future, Jennifer plans to combine her interest in science, business and project management and hopes to make an impact on both environment and social issues. “Sometimes it’s not about what’s in your boundaries or what’s right in front of you.  Sometimes it’s about taking your dreams and making them a reality.  Because I know, that 7 years ago, while I was sitting daydreaming in school, I was not dreaming of attending science fairs, much less Canada Wide Science Fairs.  But here I am, 9 years down the road from being that child, and my dreams and passion for science have only grown beyond anything I could ever have imagined,” says McTaggart.

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