Stéphane Chenard

Stéphane Chenard

Stéphane Chenard

Stéphane is a grade twelve student attending Glenmary School in Peace River, Alberta. He plans to further his education after high school with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering at the University of Alberta. Stéphane has always had a very curious mind, even as a young boy and it is this curiosity that led him to pursue science as a passion and ultimate career goal. He has taken part in science fair since the seventh grade, with projects ranging from solutions to environmental issues to innovations. Stéphane was very fortunate to be able to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair in 2013 and 2014 consecutively. His 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair project was a piezoelectric tile that would generate electricity when force was applied, which won his partner and him a bronze medal in the intermediate category. Most recently, Stéphane has developed a biological filter capable of stripping run off water of excess nutrients, which won him a bronze medal in the senior category as well as the Canadian Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Stéphane has also taken part in the Heritage Youth Research Summer program, which is a six week program where students engage in biomedical research at an Alberta university. Stéphane worked in Dr. Christine Webber’s anatomy lab where he conducted research on the promotion of nerve regeneration.

Stéphane also holds a high regard for his grades, maintaining academic honours since grade seven and most recently receiving top marks in his social, French, chemistry and physics classes in his grade eleven year. If there was one piece of advice that Stéphane could give to young students regarding the pursuit of sciences, it would be to never be afraid to try something that seems impossible because it is amazing what can become possible with dedication and hard work!


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