Dylan Rowe

Dylan Rowe - 2

Dylan Rowe currently attends Kenner Collegiate Vocational Institute and has just completed Grade 10. He has always had an avid interest in palaeontology, which he applied to create a science project on paleontology. Dylan attended the Peterborough Regional Science Far in 2015 (his second time) and won 2nd Best in Fair and 1st in Intermediate Earth and Environmental Sciences, allowing him to win a trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair for the first time. Dylan’s project, Is There a Difference in Verulam Ordovician Macrofossils due to the Composition and Level of Strata?, earned a bronze medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair this year.

Dylan’s project compared the phyla and fossil densities of two different layers of fossil-bearing strata, or rock layers, at a singular locality (in this case, an abandoned quarry). Analysis revealed that there were significant differences between the two rock layers: The upper stratum had a higher fossil density and a larger quantity of phyla than the middle stratum. This difference may represent, from Dylan’s research, a change in the environment over hundreds or thousands of years. Although this project was based upon Ordovician (488-444 million years ago) fossils, Dylan’s focus has always been upon the Mesozoic Era, especially theropod dinosaurs. He hopes to submit a project on theropod dinosaurs next year.

In his spare time, Dylan also illustrates prehistoric life, which he has practised ever since he was very young. It is something that he wishes to continue throughout his life. Dylan hopes to study paleontology in the future and pursue a career in paleontology.

Check out Dylan’s 2015 Canada-Wide Science Fair Project:


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