Adree Khondker

Mugdha Khondker

Mugdha Khondker

Adree Khondker is a grade 12 IB student and researcher at Westdale Secondary School and McMaster University from Hamilton, ON. Adree lives for STEM, there is nothing that interests him more than science and mathematics. Adree has always attempted to share STEM with others through extra-curricular activities and outreach. He believes that the most satisfying feeling is not to solve a problem, but to see your solution create ten more problems.

Adree has only recently joined the science fair domain in 2014 with a pair project, with partner Federico Cao, exploring the Thermoelectric Effect. Even if this may be a late entry into the competition, science has been at his side in every aspect of life from the early years.

The 2014 project was titled “Augmenting Solar Energy: Application of the Thermoelectric effect on Photovoltaics.” A project which tried to challenge the theoretical barrier of photovoltaic efficiency by tapping into the waste heat energy dissipated from solar panels globally. Adree and Federico found that with just a small $3 add-on, the efficiency of an entire photovoltaic system could be increased by 10% of what it originally was utilizing a variant type of semiconductor. They later delved upon the physical characteristics of this and began finding proportionalities between temperature, voltage, and current. This earned them a total of seven awards at BASEF regional fair, encompassing distinction from Yale Science and Engineering, SPIE, and a spot in the Canada-Wide National Science Fair where they earned a bronze medal and scholarships.

Currently, Adree is researching at McMaster University in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and is preparing his own research paper in the field of biophysics for publication with a Royal Society of Chemistry journal.

Adree is already set on establishing a STEM outreach program within the Hamilton School Board to build interest in science and mathematics in elementary school children, he is a Plenary Director for Operation Med School Toronto, and Director for Research and Development for the Organization of Secondary Students. Adree also is the president for a non-profit organization set to raise diabetes awareness titled #MakeDiabetesLouder.

More problems yield more solutions as Adree says, that is his dream, to delve deeper into science and challenge it. At end, Adree aims at creating a love for science in the world, and to broadcast his own love of science through research and determination.

“Equate every solution, solve every problem, and conclude everything; not to satisfy your own need for completion, but rather to give the rest of us something more to complete.” –Adree

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